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Independent Gaelic Immersion School to Be Established in Mabou this Fall

Plans are underway to open North America’s first Gaelic immersion school in the fall in Mabou. The school is an initiative of a group of parents and community members.

Proponents of the school say it will operate independent of the public school system. It will start with a cohort of Grade Primary students in September, adding a grade each year, building to a P-to-4 educational facility within five years. Gaelic culture and local knowledge will be at the core of teaching, while abiding by the learning outcomes prescribed by the province.

Gaelic has been spoken in Nova Scotia for nearly 250 years. It has experienced a resurgence in recent years, partly due to the popularity of community-based learning.

The school will be privately funded. A fundraising drive is underway through the Community Foundation of Nova Scotia.

For more information on the school, follow this link:  www.taighsgoile.ca