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Interns for Wallace Family Entrepreneurship Fund Announced

The St. Francis Xavier Extension Innovation and Enterprise Centre announced its interns for the

Wallace Family Entrepreneurship Fund. Interns receive coaching and assistance from StFX staff and faculty mentors and engage in learning activities that help them explore and develop an enterprise venture. The internships support full-time employment for StFX students for a 12-week period during the summer.

Maxwell Gauthier and Adam Starr are working a project titled Drastic, Scholastic, Thermoplastic (DST), with the aim of creating and integrating a fully sustainable recycling program at St. Francis Xavier University, one that repurposes plastic by recycling it into tangible products.

Anamika Saxena’s project is titled International Student Retention, which looks to create an online community for the international students to share experiences and learn about the university and university life through an online platform that has multiple modes of interaction. 

Kerilyn Kennedy’s project, Improving Accessibility is looking to consult with organizations, businesses, and municipalities to improve accessibility. The pilot project will focus on St. Francis Xavier University (StFX) campus and Kennedy wants to create solutions to the barriers people face on the campus as a result of being differently abled.

Amy Graham and Patti-Anne Tracey’s project, an Intervention on Sexual Violence in Sport Organizations

aims to create a sexual violence prevention and awareness package for sports organizations across Canada to be included as part of mandatory training for athletes and all members in leadership positions.