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Inverness County Council Investigates Housing in the Municipality

Inverness council is looking into a housing issue across the county.

Inverness Deputy Warden and District 1 councillor Alfred Poirier said he established a survey on Facebook looking at housing in Cheticamp, a village of around 3,000 people in District 1. Poirier said the idea spread and is now county wide, allowing all residents to sound off on local housing. The deputy warden said a housing shortage is a major problem in the area, noting it’s not only affecting Cheticamp.   



The survey will wrap up at the end of the month. Once all the information is collected, Poirier said the first thing that needs to be done is a sit down with the county, potential investors, the Cape Breton Partnership, and other related stakeholders to go over the results. While he admits housing is big project, Poirier said if people don’t put their words into action, nothing will get done.