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Inverness County Resident and former Municipal Politician Clive Doucet running for the Green Party in Cape Breton-Canso

Writer and former politician Clive Doucet is jumping back into the political pond.

Doucet, who lives in Grand Etang, is running for the Green Party in Cape Breton-Canso. The

Clive Doucet (Green Party of Canada Photo)

former Ottawa city councillor, who also ran for Ottawa City Mayor twice, says he can see the effects of climate change just by looking out his window of the Cape Breton home he built three years ago.

After having no intentions of running,  Doucet said he changed his mind after conversations with his family and Green leader Elizabeth May, who Doucet has known for some time. Doucet said he refused previous requests from May to run until now because the situation with climate change is too serious to ignore.


Doucet said electing a Liberal or Conservative effectively is the same as voters are telling Ottawa everything is okay in Cape Breton-Canso and nothing will change politically. He also thanked residents for their kindness while campaigning, noting he feels honoured to do so.