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Inverness MLA Accuses Health Minister of Hiding Behind the NSHA; Minister says Accusation Isn’t Accurate

One local MLA is accusing another of hiding behind the Nova Scotia Health Authority.

Inverness MLA Allan MacMaster

In a release issued last month, Inverness MLA Allan MacMaster brought up the issue of Dr. Jeannie MacGillivray, a local surgeon MacMaster says resigned from her positions at two hospitals in Inverness and Antigonish. The Nova Scotia Health Authority stated there were inaccuracies in MacMaster’s statements. MacMaster responded by saying it is unfortunate when a doctor comes forward to speak about issues facing local health care and the response from the province is to call her a liar.

MacMaster also accused Health Minister Randy Delorey of hiding behind the NSHA.

MacMaster said it makes sense to ensure medical professionals are happy about going to work,

Antigonish MLA Randy Delorey, Health and Wellness Minister

adding if the NSHA doesn’t do this, the province is going to continue to see a shortage of doctors and other health professionals.

By way of a response, Delorey said that accusation isn’t accurate at all. He said when it comes to any employee within the health care system, there are expectations and obligations around privacy.



Delorey said he understands the importance of health care, calling it a priority. He said it’s not an accident health care is the largest expenditure of the provincial government, adding it’s at almost 50 per cent of the budget.