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Inverness MLA Allan MacMaster Happy with Road Improvements Planned in His Constituency

A local MLA is pleased to see changes coming to roads in his constituency.

The province’s recently announced five-year highway, road, and bridge improvement  plan

Inverness MLA Allan MacMaster

valued at just shy of $500 million includes replacing the Port Hastings Rotary. Inverness MLA Allan MacMaster, who has called for such a replacement in the past, says this will benefit the area thrice over. He said it will help give a good impression to visitors, address traffic build up, and improve safety.

The rotary project is set to happen next year.


There are other Inverness County items in the roadwork plan, including four kilometres of paving for The Marble Mountain Road, a 5.7 km stretch of repaving for The East Margaree Road, and a 5.7km stretch on Route 19 from Strathlorne to Inverness will be repaved.