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Inverness MLA asks for solutions to reduce traffic tie ups at the Canso Causeway

Many local motorists know all too well the frustrations caused by the Canso Causeway and boat traffic. Long delays due to vessels passing through and technical

Allan MacMaster

difficulties have lengthened the commute for people travelling on the only link between Cape Breton Island and the Mainland.

MLA for Inverness, Allan MacMaster has heard concerns from residents, and thinks the issue needs to be addressed. He hopes that when the Legislature resumes, that the Transportation Minister, Lloyd Hines, will have some answers:
MacMaster says one solution he can think of to fix delays is to reduce how often the causeway opens to pleasure craft, and find a new way to direct traffic around the Port Hastings Rotary. MacMaster would like to see a method where traffic can still flow in the rotary if motorists are not travelling on the Causeway.