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Inverness Residents Increase Pressure on Governments to Replace Wastewater Treatment Plant

The grumbling is getting louder from residents of the community of Inverness over the ability of their waste water treatment plant to keep up with the demand.
Residents are complaining about a foul odor in the community.  About 200 people attended a

Inverness Beach

rally in Inverness Monday to raise concerns about the plant and demand its immediate replacement. A recent petition calling for government action has also garnered some 700 names.

The President of the Inverness Development Association Rose Mary MacDonald says it’s an emergency situation that has to be dealt with by all levels of government.
MacDonald says the municipality has agreed to call an emergency meeting for next week to discuss funding for the design of a new treatment facility.
A completed design would help the county in qualifying for infrastructure funding from the other two levels of government for the project.