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Keppoch Mountain Sustains Significant Damage from post-Tropical Storm Fiona

The manager of Keppoch Mountain said the damage at the local facility is devastating.

Picture of the damage from the Keppoch Facebook page

Justine Simpson, manager of Keppoch, said they are still assessing the damage, noting the more trails they get to, the more gutting it is in terms of recognizing the severity of the damage. She said it will take a lot of time to return to pre-storm shape, noting they will need a lot of patience from residents and also their support.

Simpson said membership and charitable donations will go a long way to help the situation, adding they will put out some calls in the next little while for clean-up support. She said Monday and Tuesday was spent clearing the access road so they have access to the summit. They are soon going to begin making their way in on the trials and doing what they can.

Any help through donations or time and skill or a reach out to thekeppoch.ca would be hugely appreciated, she said.