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Liberal Party President says the Province Achieved Many Positives under McNeil’s Leadership

The President of the Liberal Party of Nova Scotia Joseph Khoury of Antigonish believes history

Premier Stephen McNeil

will treat Premier Stephen McNeil’s stewardship of the province as a great legacy.  McNeil announced yesterday he will be stepping down as party leader and premier once a successor is chosen.

Khoury says under McNeil’s leadership, the government created unprecedented economic growth, which resulted in an increase in the province’s population and a return many of our young people back to Nova Scotia.  Khoury says McNeil also guided the province through one its most difficult global challenges, COVID-19 with compassion and a focus on keeping Nova Scotians safe.
Khoury says McNeil also dealt with a number of other issues.
Khoury says the Liberal Party’s provincial board has a month to meet and decide on the type of leadership convention they want and a timeframe.  Under the party constitution, it has 18 months to select a leader, but Khoury expects it will happen before that