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Local Group Suggests building a Skateboard Park on the Heatherton Community Centre grounds

An new Antigonish County group says it would like to see an outdoor skateboard park at the Heatherton Community Centre. 
The Heatherton and Area Recreation and Skateboard Association was formed over the summer after the idea of a skate park was raised at the community centre’s annual general meeting recently.
Since then, the group has been busy, gathering information about a skate park, and going door-to-door with a petition, seeking support for its proposal.
Association President Matt Schumacher says community support is strong.
The Association will make a presentation to the community on its findings on September 21st at 7 p.m. in the multi-purpose room at the Heatherton Community Centre.  Following the meeting the association will approach the community centre’s board of directors to allocate land for the project.