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Lockdown at the East Antigonish Education Centre/Academy Wednesday

East Antigonish Education Centre/Academy saw a lockdown at the school Wednesday.

Deanna Gillis, communications coordinator with the Strait regional Centre for Education, confirmed the school experienced a hold and secure and lockdown Wednesday morning.

In a letter sent home to parents, vice principal Jyl Boyle stated the hold and secure, followed by the lockdown of the school, was the result of a behavioural incident involving a student. The hold and secure lasted about 30 minutes, followed by a 45 minute lockdown, after which the normal school routine continued. Local RCMP responded to the school after someone contacted 911 as a precaution.

The letter describes a hold and secure as an action take to restrict access in and out of the building in response to a safety concern external to the school, whereas a lockdown is taken in response to an act or safety concern inside the school.

In the letter, Boyle commended staff and students for their cooperation during the incident.