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MacDonald says St. FX and every University in Canada needs to be Diligent in Addressing and Eliminating Sexual Violence from Campus

Last week’s arrests and charges for sexual assaults at the St.FX campus have caused ripples through Antigonish, and the university’s president wants to send a strong message. Kent MacDonald says that he, and the entire St.FX community are frustrated by the recent news of two women being assaulted on this campus this academic year.
MacDonald says that St.FX and every university across the country needs to be diligent with addressing and eliminating sexual violence from campus. MacDonald stresses that first and foremost, his thoughts go out to those who were directly impacted by the violence:
MacDonald adds that support systems are in place for those who suffer from sexual assaults, and the university will continue to support them throughout the process. Two men have been charged for sexual assault and will appear in court this January.