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MacFarlane Concerned about the Future of the Pictou Detox Centre

A local MLA is concerned about the closure of a treatment facility in her community.

Pictou West MLA Karla MacFarlane

Back in April, the Pictou Detox Centre shut its doors. Picotu West MLA Karla MacFarlane said she understands staff were told the facility would reopen, possibly by mid-June, but it remains closed.

MacFarlane said it highlights the provincial government not being transparent, noting people in the area are discouraged. She pointed to the 2015 closing of the Aberdeen Hospital mental health unit, saying the word temporary was also used for that closure.

When contacted for comment, Carla Adams, senior advisor for media relations with Nova Scotia Health, stated the withdrawal management program located in Pictou was consolidated with the unit at All Saints Hospital in Springhill since April.  While there is no date set for the reintroduction of Mental Health and Addictions withdrawal management services in Pictou County, Adams noted access for withdrawal management is available for the residents living in that area by calling Mental Health and Addictions intake at 1-855-922-1122.