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Many special guests in attendance for Allan J’s service

A large crowd gathered at St.FX Univeristy yesterday to remember the life and legacy of Allan J. MacEachen. MacEachen passed away last week at the age of 96, leaving a lasting legacy during his work as Minister and Deputy Prime Minister.


 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke during yesterday’s ceremony at length about the relationship his father, Pierre Elliott and Allan had. Trudeau says that the two spent many an evening in East Lake Ainsle during their long friendship:
After the ceremony, the Prime Minister stuck around to take pictures with students and those in attendance at the ceremony.
Kenzie MacKinnon was MacEachen’s executive assistant during his later years. MacKinnon, a St.FX grad with a major in Political Science says that MacEachen leaves a lasting legacy on so many people:
Many dignitaries were in attendance for the ceremony, including the Prime Minister, former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, Premiere Stephen MacNeil and former Toronto MP Bob Rae, along with many provincial officials.
Allan J will be remembered greatly for serving his constituents locally, and also making Canada a better place.