Minor Sports Begin to Return, But It Will Be Different Because of COVID-19

A local Sport Nova Scotia official says minor sports are slowly coming back, although they won’t necessarily look the same as in the past.

Steph Spencer, community sport lead for Sport Nova Scotia, said with the province slowly opening up, organizers are happy to see sports for kids returning in smaller numbers. Organizations are starting to get on the go now and offer programming on a smaller scale, with both provincial and community sport groups making sure the programs are safe and in accordance with the public health regulations.


While different sports have different regulations depending on how they operate, currently all sport must operate within groups of 10 without physically distancing and groups of 50 with physical distancing. It’s also encouraged the groups of 10 stay consistent. With that, each individual sport created a return to play plan, which the province reviewed.


Spencer made note of all the work put in by provincial and community sport groups, along with municipal recreation departments, in getting local facilities ready to host sports while still following the most recent public health rules.