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More motorists stopped for excessive speeding

 Two drivers were caught for stunting on Friday afternoon in Pictou County. Shortly before 3:00 on Friday, the RCMP Eastern Traffic Services pulled over a Chevy Equinox who was travelling 169km/h in a 110 zone; 59 over the speed limit. A 19 year old from New Victoria had his license suspended for 7 days, had his vehicle seized, and faces a $2,400 fine.
About a half hour later, a 42 year old man from Pictou County was charged for stunting on Highway 104 in Telford, Pictou County. The male driver was ticketed for travelling 163 km/h in a 100 zone; 63 over the posted limit. He too faces a $2,400 fine, a vehicle seizure and a 7 day license suspension.