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New Applied Neuro-Cognitive Research Laboratory opens at St. FX

StFX held an official ribbon cutting Friday for its new Applied Neuro-Cognitive Research Laboratory. The lab will allow for researching in-depth cognitive abilities in the brain such as decision making.

Funding for the lab came in the form of $40,000 from the Province’s Nova Scotia Research and Innovation Trust and another $40,000 from the Canada Foundation for Innovation.

Dr. Petra Hauf, a professor of psychology and Dean of Science with StFX, said the lab will not only be used by the three researchers who received the funding to set it up. She said all who want to do research requiring investigating brain activities will be able to access the lab. The lab has applications for the Psychology, Health, and Human Kinetics programs, as well as the computer science, math and statistics programs.


Hauf said work on the lab began about a year ago, with setting up the room, purchasing the equipment, and training. She said they have been operational since the summer, noting there has been a good uptake with community members participating in the research.