Ron MacGillivray

New Door Wraps in Whispering Tide Area of Glen Haven Manor

Operators at a long term care facility are touting a new addition to its decor.

A newly designed and installed door wrap that replicates a traditional bookshelf has been installed in the Whispering Tide resident care area at Glen Haven Manor is having a positive impact for residents with dementia. Jon Raven Visser, designer of the wrap, shows Glen Haven CEO Lisa M. Smith (centre) and Pauline Marks (left), Glen Haven’s Director of Health & Wellness the finished project. Also new to Glen Haven are water themed door wraps on the elevators, décor enhancements to the Water Wave Hair Salon and spring renovations throughout the long-term care facility.

The Whispering Tide resident care area at Glen Haven Manor now features a door wrap covering the double doors with the image of a book case. A release from Glen Haven Manor stated multi-media designer Jon Raven Visser who provides Creative services for Glen Haven designed the wrap.  

Glen Haven CEO Lisa Smith said the door wrap represents a traditional book case that would be in a home and also features a water theme. She said it’s being well received.

The release also stated there are new door wraps on the elevators featuring a beach scene that ascends from the water and sand at the basement level to a progressive viewpoint that shows the golden beach, rippling waves and blue skies.

The elevator wraps were the idea of Alicia MacIntyre, a CCA at Glen Haven, and the project was implemented by Visser with Pauline Marks, Director of Health, Wellness and Nutrition. Both wraps were printed and installed by Auto Trim. Another decor installation for the Water Wave Salon features graphics of stylized beach waves on the entrance of the salon, has helped create a professional salon ambience.