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New e-book series launched by Mulroney Institute into Arctic Operations by the Navy and Coast Guard

It’s a glimpse into military and coast guard operations in the Arctic a more than a generation ago.  St. FX University’s Mulroney Institute has launched a new research series of e-books; which includes firsthand accounts and official government histories.
It’s edited by Dr. Adam Lajeunesse, Irving Shipbuilding Chair at the Mulroney Institute.  Lajeunesse says the first volume is a history of the HMCS Labrador, Canada’s first icebreaker and Arctic Patrol Craft in the mid 1950’s.
Lajeunesse says the Labrador conducted some of the first modern surveys of the Northwest Passage, assisted in the construction of the Distant Early Warning Line and monitored American Naval Activity in Arctic waters.  The series can be found by following this link: