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Northern Pulp to proceed with Environment Assessment of Proposed Effluent Treatment Plant

Northern Pulp has informed the provincial Environment Department that it will proceed the environmental assessment process for its proposed effluent treatment plant.

Environment Minister Gordon Wilson says since the company has chosen to carry on with the process, the province is legally required to continue. Wilson says the January 31st deadline for the mill to stop dumping wastewater into Boat Harbour will be enforced

Draft terms of reference for the report were released yesterday. The public and government reviewers have 30 days to comment on the draft. The deadline to comment on the draft terms of reference is February 7th. A final terms of reference will be provided to the company in early April.

In a statement, Northern Pulp says despite recent set-backs it remains committed to the province and wants to work in Nova Scotia for the long-term. The company says its team is focused on supporting its employees, developing plans for a safe and environmentally responsible hibernation and working with the province and stakeholders to determine next steps.