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Northern Pulp’s Parent Company Releases Transformation Plan for Reopening the Mill

Paper Excellence , parent company of Northern Pulp Nova Scotia Corporation, has a $350 million transformation plan for the currently dormant Northern Pulp Mill.

In a press release, Paper Excellence stated it developed the transformation to address community issues and concerns while also transforming the Mill into a best-in-class operation, environmentally and otherwise.

The company stated the transformation will result in a number of changes such as no detectable odour in surrounding communities during normal operations, visible plumes above the Mill reduced by 70%, and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

As for waste water, the change will mean a water use reduction of 45 per cent. The treated wastewater would be released into Pictou Harbour, adjacent to the mill site, with the exact location to be determined through further environmental study and community engagement.

Northern Pulp spokesperson Graham Kissack said the mill would support 330 full-time local jobs and another 2,050 indirect jobs for the province.




Other elements include a public dashboard on the Northern Pulp website to display live environmental data, such as ambient monitors, mill recorded environmental data, and water use, and the installation of a new tertiary effluent treatment system. The company filed the project description for the effluent treatment system with Nova Scotia Environment and Climate Change.  Details of the Paper Excellence transformation plan for Northern Pulp can be found by following this link:  https://www.tomorrowsmill.ca.