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Nova Scotia Nurses Union President Janet Hazelton says Anxiety among Nurses has Increased During Pandemic

The President of the Nova Scotia Nurses Union says there is an increased anxiety among her members during this COVID-19 pandemic. Janet Hazelton, an Antigonish native and St. FX University graduate, says this disease is so contagious and it’s changed all our lives; the way we shop and the way we interact. Hazelton says the impact is the same in health care. Hazelton says nurses and other health care employees who have contact with patients have to wear masks every day.

Because family cannot visit, Hazelton says nurses and other health care workers have had to provide that extra emotional support to patients in acute care and residents in long term care. At the same time, Hazelton says all health care workers are feeling the support from the community. She says Nova Scotians are taking social distancing seriously; understanding that we can’t let this virus into the acute care system.