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Nova Scotia Teachers Union Exploring Options After Supreme Court Strikes Down Imposed Collective Agreement

With the Nova Scotia Supreme Court ruling that Bill 75 was unconstitutional,  Nova Scotia Teacher’s Union president Paul Wozney said the next step is up in the air.

The former Liberal government passed bill 75 in 2017, which imposed a collective agreement on the NSTU.

In his decision, Justice John A. Keith stated the bill was, at best an over-zealous but misguided attempt at fiscal responsibility, and at worst, a punitive or a vengeful attempt to gain unrelated, collateral benefit with other public sector unions at the expense of the NSTU

Wozney said it’s a complicated decision and while it strikes down the law, it leaves a gap of time where there wasn’t a collective agreement.


Wozney said there is a possibility they could look at a grievance process, or potentially negotiate with government. The first step, he said is to digest the decision and make sure they have a clear picture on their options. There is also the chance the provincial government could appeal the decision