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Open House Today planned for Destination Reeves Street project in Port Hawkesbury

An open house is being held today in Port Hawkesbury to discuss a grassroots main street transformation. Destination Reeves Street is a multi year plan to bring a

Port Hawkesbury

freshness to the Port Hawkesbury area, and the town’s mayor is ready to provide an update.

Mayor Brenda Chisholm-Beaton says the three year phase project is exciting for town residents, as it will bring a new sense of pride to Reeves Street. Chisholm Beaton says it will transform the area from being a ‘mill-style’ town, to an exciting area for new businesses to grow:
The open house will be held today at the Strait of Canso Yacht Club between 2 and 4, and 6 to 8 PM. Chisholm-Beaton says planning is going ahead on schedule, and looks forward to updating area residents about the project.