PC Leader Tim Houston says Liberals Weren’t Prepared for the Operational end of Boat Harbour Treatment Facility

PC leader and Pictou East MLA Tim Houston says the province wasn’t properly prepared for

Pictou East MLA and PC Leader Tim Houston

today, the cut off date for operations at the Boat Harbour Treatment Facility.

Houston said the PCS, along with most Nova Scotians, felt it was time to stop using the Boat Harbour treatment plant. When the Boat Harbour Act came into effect five years ago, Houston said the PC’s starting raising questions about what would happen by today for those impacted by the shut down of Northern Pulp.

Houston said he and other Picotu MLAs Patt Dunn and Karla MacFarlane are concerned about the impact of the closure on families, noting the forestry industry is important to the province. He said they are focusing on where the forestry industry goes from here and supporting people in the industry through the transition.