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PC’s Focus on Health Care as Provincial Election Gets Underway

The PC’s began the first full week of the campaign talking about health care and ambulance

PC Party Leader Tim Houston (pcparty.ns.ca)

wait times. Paramedics have launched a #CodeCritical campaign to alert the public to a lack of ambulances and calling for action by the Liberals.

This morning, PC Leader Tim Houston discussed solutions to the ambulance wait times, where some Nova Scotians have been forced to wait over an hour and a half for an ambulance to arrive. Houston says when seniors can’t get a long-term care bed, they go to the hospital and when hospitals are filled, paramedics can’t offload patients and as a result can’t respond to calls.

Houston says the PC plan includes agressive recruitment and retention of doctors, ensuring seniors have access to long-term care, opening up operating rooms beyond day-time hours and providing virtual care to Nova Scotians without a family doctor.