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PC’s suggest an all-party Committee to Seek Possible Solutions for the Forestry Industry

The head of the province’s Progressive Conservative party says the province has mismanaged

Pictou East MLA and PC Leader Tim Houston

the situation with the Northern Pulp mill. The PCS are suggesting an all-party committee visit communities across the province to look at possible solutions for the future of the forestry industry. They also sent letters to 16 provincial departments raising issues the PC’s feel the departments should be considering.

Tim Houston said there are a lot of unanswered questions when it comes to Northern Pulp, with the biggest being what have the Liberals been doing. The PC leader said the closure of the mill was always a potential outcome of the Boat Harbour Act.

It’s a rough time in Pictou County, said Houston, noting there is a ripple effect across the province in a way he feels the Liberal government did not anticipate.