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PHAST posts good results at a Truro Meet

The Port Hawkesbury Antigonish Swim Team, PHAST, sent 14 swimmers to the Junior Provincial Championships in Truro Feb. 12th-14th, the squad breezed through preliminaries to finals and took home a total of 34 medals to place in 3rd in points in a pool of 12 teams, 2nd in aggregate score over the 3 days of competition!

Hannah Austen stroked to a  Silver Medal as part of the 13-14 year old relay team for 200 IM & Freestyle and Bronze as part of the Women’s 13-14 400m freestyle relay team!
Malcolm Cameron took Bronze in the 13-14 relay, in the Men’s  200m medley relay, and the 200m  and 50m Breaststroke, Silver and a team record in the 100m Breaststroke and the 200M Freestyle!
Ege Cetiner swam to Bronze in the 200m, 100m, 50m Breaststroke and took a Silver Medal in the 800m, 100m and 50m Freestyle!  Jack Clapperton swam to Bronze as part of the 200m Freestyle relay team and medley 50m Freestyle! Lorena Garcia swam to Silver as part of the 400m Freestyle relay, 200m medley team and was part of the Gold Medal women’s 15 and over relay team!  Meghan Hayes took Silver in the 200m medley  and Freestyle relay teams, 400m Backstroke GOLD as part of the Women’s 15 and over relay team was part of the Bronze medal women’s 400m Freestyle team and captured an individual Silver in the 400m Freestyle.
Matina Kanchanatip took 3 Bronze for 50m Breaststroke, 50mFreestyle, and 400M Freestyle relay, 3 silver for 200m IM, 200m and 400m Relay, and 3 Gold in the 50m and 100m Butterfly, and 200m relay team! Liam Kennedy swam to  Bronze as part of the Men’s 13-14 200m Freestyle and relay teams! Colleen MacLeod captured  Silver as part of the 400m Relay, and 50m Breaststroke, and Gold as part of the Women’s 200 Relay!  Jessica MacKinnon captured Bronze in the 50 m Backstroke, Silver in the 200mFreestyle,and 200m as part of the 200m Medley team, and three Gold medals for the 200m and 100m Backstroke, and 100m Freestyle!
Jakalee Myette took Bronze in the 200m Freestyle, and enjoyed Silver with the rest of the Women’s 15 and over 200m and 100m Freestyle relay team. Matthew Penner secured Bronze in the 100m Breaststroke, Men’s Medley relay and 200m Freestyle relay, Silver in the 400m IM and 1500m Freestyle, setting a new team record in this event!
 Rebecca Roussy swam to Silver in the 800m and 400m, and the 400m and 200m relay teams,  and Gold in the 200m Free and women’s 15 and over 200m Freestyle!