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Pictou County’s Lindsay Corbin to lead Nova Scotia Coalition for Healthy School Food

Nourish Nova Scotia has named Pictou County resident Lindsay Corbin as the Coordinator of the Nova Scotia Coalition for Healthy School Food.

Corbin helped create Nourish in 2012 and helped coordinate Nourish Your Roots fundraisers in Pictou County. The Nova Scotia coalition, which is connected to the national coalition of healthy school food, is advocating for a cost shared, Canada-wide, healthy school food programs. Corbin said her role deals with making sure the voice of Nova Scotia is heard in the Canada-wide work and making connections with different levels of government.

She said sometimes when people think of a Canada wide healthy school program, they envision something very specific that will look the same across the board. One of the principles of the coalition is flexibility and being adaptable, as every school has a different starting place and different needs. She said it’s really about enhancing what schools are already doing that’s working and filing gaps where needed.


A number of municipalities already endorsed the coalition, including the Town of Port Hawkesbury. Corbin said she and others have already talked with municipal councils, and she is setting up more meetings for June and the fall.