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Pictou East MLA welcomes school renovation project in his riding in Capital Budget

One local MLA is pleased to finally see the Liberals approving the Frank H MacDonald renovation project, although it could have been done much sooner.

As part of the Capital Budget Plan announced Wednesday, the Frank H MacDonald was approved to receive upgrades. In

Pictou East MLA Tim Houston

2014, the school board supported the wishes of the community and voted to close East Pictou Middle School, provided that provincial funding could be obtained to accommodate grade 7 and 8 students at Frank H. MacDonald.

MLA for Pictou  East, Tim Houston, believes the Liberal Government hasn’t been making the right decisions about which areas benefit from the annual Capital Plan:


Time was running out for the renovations to be announced, as the 2014 vote was only good for five years. No words on how much money will be allocated to this project.