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Police lay Fraud Charges against two people in Pictou County

A man and woman in Riverton, Pictou County are each facing multiple charges of Fraud Over $5,000 and Fraud Under $5,000.

Pictou County District RCMP began an investigation into a fraud complaint against the 58-year-old woman and the 80-year-old man in July. The frauds targeted one victim multiple times in Pictou County between 2013 and 2017.

On October 24, Beverly Ann Barker was charged with five counts of Fraud Over $5,000 and five counts of Fraud Under $5,000.

Also on October 24, David Anthony Barker was charged with three counts of Fraud Over $5,000 and two counts of Fraud Under $5,000.

Both are scheduled to appear in Pictou Provincial Court on January 14.