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Pomquet students take to the Bike Trails at The Keppoch

Schools are beginning to look to the Keppoch Mountain Recreation Area as a destination point for outdoor activity.   On Thursday, 42 students of Ecole Acadienne de

Students at Ecole Acadienne de Pomquet on the Pump Track at the Keppoch

Pomquet came to the mountain for biking.  It’s believed to be the first time a school group has come to the mountain to bike.  Ecole Acadienne de Pomquet is known for the outdoor experience it provides students.  One of the school’s physical education instructors is Chris Demers.   Demers says he felt his students were ready for the trails Keppoch Mountain offers.


Ten of the students, 14 year-olds attending Grade 9 went to the summit of the mountain.  The other 32 are 8 and 9 years old chose a variety  of other challenges including the pump track and some of the trails.

Demers says he’s pleased with the experience.


The school has 24 bicycles, it borrowed the remainder for the trip from the Antigonish County Recreation Department.  Some of the students on Thursday’s trip learned to bike this fall for the first time.