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Premier Rankin Lectures Some Nova Scotians after 37 Fines Were Levied in Halifax over the Weekend for Infractions of Gathering Rules

While a lot of Nova Scotians are following public health rules  Premier Iain Rankin pointed a

Premier IaIn Rankin (Nova Scotia Government photo)

finger at those he called, the selfish few.

During Monday’s COVID-19 briefing, Rankin provided an update noting there are 42 people in hospital and 8 in the ICU. He said the average age of those in the hospital is between 40 and 60, but they are admitting young people who are very sick . Rankin said this due to the variants.

Rankin also noted Halifax police issued 37 fines related to infractions of gathering limit rules over the weekend.


When it comes to getting people vaccinated, Rankin said the province is in a race against the variants. While province continues to push it’s immunization program, people need to follow public health protocols.