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Province announces funding for Cultural and Community Facilities

Nova Scotia invested $858,000 to improve 35 existing cultural and community spaces.  

 The local projects include lighting upgrades for the Strait Area Evergreen Senior’s Club in Port Hawkesbury, electrical and kitchen upgrades for the St. Mary’s District Lions Club in Sherbrooke, furnace replacement and water upgrades for the Pictou United Church Hall, roof upgrades for the Riverdale Community Services Society in Cleveland, and electrical, roof, deck, siding, door and heating upgrades for the North Shore and District Volunteer Fire Department in Baddeck.

 Other upgrades include energy efficiency upgrades to Milford Recreation Association hall, replacement of damaged siding and deck boards for the Mulgrave Museum and Cenotaph Committee, foundation repair for the Havre Boucher Cultural Development & Recreation Association, sprinkler and heating system upgrades and painting for La Picasse in Petit de Grat, and the replacement of bay doors, windows and ceiling tiles for the East River St. Mary’s Fire Department. 

A detailed listing of the grants can be found by following this link:  https://cch.novascotia.ca/sites/default/files/inline/community-facilities-improvement-program-recipients-2021-2022.pdf