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Province announces Guidelines for Community Celebrations for 2020 Graduates

The province released new guidelines that will allow communities to celebrate their 2020 graduates this year during the COVID-19 pandemic. The province’s Chief medical officer of Health Dr. Robert Strang announced that an exemption has been granted under the Public Health Act to allow community organizations, businesses or municipalities to hold celebrations to recognize graduates under strict conditions from June 8th to 30th.

Strang says these exemptions were granted after communities and community organizations have been asking if they can hold celebrations to recognize their local graduates.

A full list of the conditions and protocols under this exemption can be found by following this link: https://novascotia.ca/coronavirus/community-celebration-graduates/.

All public high schools in the province will recognize graduates receiving diplomas. This will be separate from any celebrations that might be held in the community.

The province also announced there were no new cases of COVID-19.