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Province announces Restrictions as COVID-19 Infections Rise

Due to a rash of COVID-19 cases in the Halifax Regional Municipality, the government is adding

Premier Stephen McNeil

restrictions in the municipality and province wide.


The province announced new restrictions on gathering limits and social circles in urban and many suburban areas of Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) and Hants County. Nova Scotia saw 16 new cases of COVID-19 in August, two in September, 21 in October and 51 so far in November.


Premier Stephen McNeil said the province is at a critical point and if the government doesn’t do something now,  it may be too late.



Starting on November 23, full-service restaurants and licensed establishments across the province must collect accurate contact information on each patron, including date and time of visit, name and phone number. This data must be retained for four weeks from date of visit for contact-tracing purposes.


New rules are also coming for long-term care home residents. Starting November 23 and running until December 21,  residents can only leave their facilities for medical/dental appointments. A registered designated caregiver can take a resident for a sight-seeing car ride but they cannot include additional passengers or stops for shopping, or visits of any kind or use drive-thrus. A facility can continue sight-seeing outings using their vehicles, but physical distancing is required, no other passengers are permitted in the vehicle and there are no stops of any kind including use of drive-thrus.