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Provincial Court Judge Outlines the Dangers of a New Glasgow Intersection in a Written Decision

While issuing a decision regarding a motor vehicle act infraction, a local judge pointed out the dangers of a local intersection.

Video evidence in court showed a green sedan southbound on Provost Street in New Glasgow approaching an intersection in the far-right lane as both traffic lights displayed red. The vehicle then makes a slight right turn onto George Street, slows slightly, but does not come to a complete stop.

In a written decision detailing the reasoning behind finding Luke Thomas Greencorn guilty of failing to stop at a red light, Judge Del Atwood stated he did not seek to single out Greencorn.

In the decision, Atwood said anyone who walks around that intersection knows most drivers turning onto George Street fail to stop, adding most drivers plough right through.

“Few bother to wait for pedestrians, rendering the site nearly a real-life Death Race 2000 for those on foot scurrying to get across,” Atwood stated,  adding a traffic checkpoint there would likely increase the town’s ticket revenue.