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RCMP visit Schools and St. FX University ahead of Legalization of Recreational Marijuana

RCMP Constable Morgan MacPherson said RCMP visited local school administrations and staff to discuss what will happen on October 17. MacPherson said they aren’t expecting a huge jump in marijuana usage at local schools, but felt it was good information for staff to have. RCMP also visited dormitories at StFX in September to discuss legalization.

MacPherson said they’ve had tools for some time to combat driving impaired by drug so he said it will be business as usual. When new tools become available, they will make use of them, he added.


On October 1, the Strait Regional Centre for Education sent out a letter to parents and guardians about cannabis legalization along with a one page info-graphic entitled Alcohol, Cannabis, and Other Drugs Know the Facts, Know How To Help.