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Research Chairs appointed to Brian Mulroney Institute of Government

St. FX University has appointed its first two research chairs for the Brian Mulroney Institute of Government.
Dr. Adam Lajeunesse has been appointed as the Irving Shipbuilding Chair in Arctic Marine Security Policy and Dr. Karl Skogstad is the Irving Shipbuilding Chair in Marine Security Economics.
Lajeunesse is a Research Associate at the Centre for Military, Strategic, and Security Studies and the Arctic Institute of North

Dr. Adam Lajeunesse

America at the University of Calgary, and a fellow with the Centre on Foreign Policy and Federalism at the University of Waterloo.  His work at St. FX will focus on Whole-of-Government operations in the Far North, Arctic security, and northern history.

Skogstad’s research has explored such topics as Canadian naval shipbuilding during the Second

Dr. Karl Skogstad

World War, how countries determine the amount of resources to allocate to their militaries, and evaluations of defence industrial policies.  His  research at St. FX  focus on quantifying the benefits and costs of maintaining domestic arms production as well evaluating the efficiency of government programs that seek to develop industries in this area.