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Riverside Speedway set to Launch Season in June

Riverside Speedway will kickoff its 50th anniversary season on June 8, with the Ceilidh Honda Triple 50s

The race will see Parts for Trucks Pro Stock Tour competitors go door-handle to door-handle in

Photo by Matthew Murnaghan/NASCAR

a 150-lap feature race – with a twist. The field will stop on the track after the completion of laps 50 and 100 and a random draw will determine if the running order will be inverted fully, partially, or not at all. The race results will be scored and points awarded in the order the cars cross the finish line at lap 150. The leader of laps 50 and 100 will receive a $500.00 bonus in addition to the winnings they earn based on their finishing order.


The Napa Sportsman Series will kick off their season as well with the Henry’s AUTOPRO 75. Advance, reserved and general admission tickets are now available for the event