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Sisters of St. Martha’s selling off Equipment, furniture, fixtures and appliances in Motherhouse in an Auction

It’s an opportunity for local residents to have a piece of the Bethany Motherhouse.  Several auctions are taking place at the Sisters of St. Martha Convent this

Bethany Motherhouse (

week beginning this morning at 11 with larger kitchen equipment, walk in freezers, dishes, linens, cooking pots and pans, and cutlery.

On Friday night and Saturday morning, a variety of other items will be auctioned off, including tables, stands and desks; art work, church pews, sofas and chairs, bedding, fixtures, as well as household appliances.  Some of the items date back to the 1900’s.
Sisters of St. Martha Congregation Leader Sister Brendalee Boisvert says it’s a period of mixed feelings as these items are sold off.
During a special viewing of the items in the Saturday auction on Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., some unadvertised times will be sold outright.   There is a 5 dollar admission for Friday viewing only. The Bethany Motherhouse was built in 1921, with additions in 1937 and 1963.