St. FX and Students Union Develop a Memorandum of Understanding; But Legal Waiver will Remain

Following a series of student town halls this week, the president and vice chancellor of StFX said

St. FX University President Dr. Andrew Hakin

the school’s new student community protocols and legal waiver remain necessary for the school to welcome students back this fall.

Earlier this month, StFX issued a waiver to students to sign which would mean students give up certain legal rights including the right to sue or claim compensation in regards to COVID-19. In a letter to the StFX community Thursday, StFX President Andrew Hakin said the school’s board of governors determined the waiver and protocols are needed, but also that they should have done a better job of engaging students before sending out the waiver.  

After consulting with the StFX students union, the school and union developed a memorandum of understanding to deal with the concerns of students. For instance, stated Hakin in the letter, the MOU addresses the University’s responsibility to provide increased supports and accommodations for students who are required to be absent from classes due to illness and for those who are seeking assistance related to taking online courses elsewhere. The MOU also established a commitment to more frequent communications with students.

The letter states students can expect a final copy of the MOU, along with the Student Community Protocols and the legal waiver to be sent to their StFX email boxes on August 4. All students attending StFX in the fall are required to electronically sign the Student Community Protocols and the legal waiver documents by August 14th.