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St. FX Chemist studying compounds that could deter marine life from fouling submerged man-made surfaces

 A St. FX University professor and researchers in Australia have developed a compound that could prevent  invasive organisms from fouling structures immersed in water such as marine sensors and underwater cameras.  Chemist Truis Smith-Palmer spent a year-long sabbatical conducting research at the University of Sydney.  The compound is a non-toxic slippery surface material that prevents organisms from attaching themselves.  Smith-Palmer says it’s a Teflon-type coating that holds Silcone oil, like a polymeric material.
Smith-Palmer says there will  be further testing in the chemistry lab before going out to the field this summer in some aquaculture sites.  The summer research will involve both chemistry and biology students.
Smith-Palmer says modifications will be made to the compound during the research to attempt to optimize it and make it last longer.