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St. FX University adopts New Sexual Violence Response Policy

StFX’s new sexual violence response policy will take effect on February 1.

An independent review panel developed the policy with consultation from stakeholders and

St. FX Interim President Dr. Kevin Wamsley

input from the university community. The university held open houses in September and October to review the policy and receive more input from campus, and contributions also came from an anonymous survey and generic email account set up to receive comments.

Acting StFX president Kevin Wamsley called it a survivor-centric policy, noting the main change is that it is investigative in its model.

The policy also includes a prohibition on sexual activity with students that includes teaching staff, varsity coaches and coaching staff, and the university leadership team.

Wamsley said the school was concerned about the climate and culture at StFX, noting they want everyone to have a safe and respectful learning experience. He said the school wasn’t satisfied with its standards and wanted to improve, adding they wanted to be progressive with the process.