St. FX University History professor focuses on Lesser Known Side of St. Francis of Assisi in New Book

St. FX medieval history Professor Donna Trembinski has released a new book that explores

St. FX medieval history professor Donna Trembinski. (St. FX University photo)

Francis of Assisi.  However, Trembinski says in her book, she turns her focus to a different side of the famous saint, his health.

The book, entitled “Illness and Authority; Disability in the Life and Lives of Francis of Assisi”, Trembinski argues it does matter that Francis was sick and infirm, because we see how they impacted his life and his ability to lead his order.  Trembinski says it also focusses just how closely early biographers managed Francis’ image by minimizing his illnesses to ensure he met more with the expectations of a founder-saint.