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St. FX University joins Scarborough National Charter on Anti-Black Racism and Black Inclusion in Canadian Higher Education

StFX University has signed on to the Scarborough National Charter on Anti-Black Racism and

Elizabeth Yeo, St. FX Vice President of Students (St. FX University photo)

Black Inclusion in Canadian Higher Education: Principles, Actions, and Accountabilities.

A release from the university described the charter as a national plan of action by Canadian universities and colleges aimed at dismantling anti-Black racism and fostering Black inclusion in the post-secondary sector.

The Charter contains four overarching principles;

Removing structural barriers to equity inclusion and social justice while advancing research, critical thinking and engaged dissemination of knowledge; Recognizing that equity, diversity and inclusion and that equitable inclusion enriches post-secondary education; Developing positive, interactive relationships with Black communities, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally; and Accepting accountability through a process of continuous improvement.

StFX vice president of students Elizabeth Yeo, co-chair of the President Action Committee on Anti-Racism (PACAR) said if people are interested in looking at the charter itself, it can be found on the StFX Website.

Members of PACAR started work on delivering the vision of a safe, accessible, supportive and welcoming campus community for all.