St. FX University organizing activities for Students Not Going Home over the Holidays

With around 50 students staying on campus during the break, StFX is trying to keep the holidays

Elizabeth Yeo, St. FX Vice President of Students (St. FX University photo)


Elizabeth Yeo, StFX vice president of students, said the first priority for the university is the health and safety of the students. X is providing supervision and support for the students in residences with 24/7 mental health support and planned a visit with the St. John’s therapy dogs. Facilities will be open during the regular business days for physical activities.

Also, they have a number of holiday themed events for off and on-campus students including a supervised hub in the student union building. They are letting students know about the outdoor activities planned in the town and county while the Golden X inn will be open a number of nights for things like trivia and games.

Yeo pointed to the Antigonish Adopt a StFX Student for Xmas Facebook page started by Cindy Partridge, where students and community members can connect.  Yeo also mentioned getting a call from the Atlantic Superstore management team, noting they are preparing some fun for the students