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St. Martha’s Regional Hospital Official to be Part of a Provincial Delegation on a Doctor Recruitment Trip to the United Kingdom

Dr. Jeremy Hillyard, medical site lead for St. Martha’s Regional Hospital, will be joining a team heading to the UK in an effort to recruit more doctors to the area.

The team will include staff from the Nova Scotia Office of Immigration, the Nova Scotia Health Authority, and the Nova Scotia College of Physicians and Surgeons. They will meet with doctors in London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Edinburgh over several days to discuss employment and immigration options.

Hillyard, who is from the UK, said this is his first trip across the pond in this capacity. Hillyard said there have been changes in licensing which make it easier for physicians who trained in family medicine in the UK to come to Nova Scotia.

Hillyard said he has already made some connections with three or four physicians over the phone. He said travelling as a team is more valuable than simply sending someone from the health authority or from immigration, adding the province led this sort of trip in the past which Hillyard described as thoroughly effective.