St. Martha’s Regional Hospital to host a Regional Care Unit to Manage the Spread Of COVID-19

St. Martha’s Regional Hospital will house one of the province’s six soon to be established Regional Care Units to reduce and manage the spread of COVID-19. A release from the province

St. Martha’s Regional Hospital

states the initiative is part of government’s commitment to protect the health and safety of seniors in long-term care.

 Leo Glavine, Minister of Health and Wellness, stated the province made changes to strengthen how the sector responds to a second wave of the virus, and Regional Care Units for nursing home residents who test positive for COVID-19 is one of these measures.

 The government budgeted up to $6.2 million for this initiative, which will see the units set up within a hospital or nursing home. Providers who operate large or multiple facilities may also choose to establish the regional care unit model in one of their facilities for residents.

 These units will offer long-term care and have dedicated staff. They will have access to specialized resources like occupational health, infection prevention, and control experts.

 Work is underway to finalize guidelines on when a resident is transferred to a Regional Care Unit versus being cared for in place.

Other Regional Care Units will be located at Ocean View Continuing Care Centre in Dartmouth, Colchester East Hants Health Centre in Truro, Cape Breton Regional Hospital in Sydney, Valley Regional Hospital in Kentville and Yarmouth Regional Hospital.